Mining of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be lucrative. But there is a catch: it requires time and lots of computing power. If you could somehow spread these computing demands out among hundreds, and sometimes even thousands or millions, of unknowing users, it’d significantly reduce the cost and time of mining expensive coins. Previously, criminals would go about hijacking another person’s computer to mine coins through a malicious program which was installed. However a more light-weight and less noticeable way of doing it’s by running a JavaScript file right from inside the browser, no exploit or vulnerabilities required. Rather than infecting the users computers, web sites are infected by malicious ads.

All of that needs to happen for mining to start is that a user needs to visit the infected web site with JavaScript enabled. What is the big deal with mining anyway? Inherently, mining cryptocurrencies isn’t a bad thing. It is how transactions are processed. You can discover more about it in our cryptocurrency and blockchain explainer but, in a nutshell, when a cryptocurrency transaction is announced on a blockchain network, the computers in that network start solving complex mathematical puzzles to confirm the currency hasn’t already been used. In exchange for the work, miners are rewarded with a small amount of cryptocurrency.

No big deal, right? With a few cryptocurrencies, like Monero, mining is relatively quick and easy and doesn’t need a specialised computer to process the transactions. And on the other hand, Bitcoin is notoriously slow and complex to mine and requires tons of processing power to lift the heavy load. If somebody were to tax your home computer with this, the processor load would skyrocket, simple tasks would become painstakingly slow and the fans on your pc would kick into overdrive. And if you had been utilizing a laptop computer, the battery life would take a significant and noticeable hit.

Fortunately, when an internet site is tapping to your computer to mine cryptocurrency, it isn’t likely mining Bitcoin. Instead, it is probably extracting a currency like Monero or Dash. And in order to lower the likelihood of being detected by both the user and ad blockers, it usually limits its effect per processor below 50%. None of that’s to say it should be done without your knowledge. In a lot of case today, web developers and criminals are hijacking people’s computers for profit. That is not OK. Utilizing the computing power of users to mine coin is not always a plot to some diabolical plan, however. Coinhive, for instance, is an easily available script that web developers can deploy to mine the cryptocurrency Monero. In some instances, like on, visitors can choose to suppress advertisements on the web site if they agree to allow the company to utilize their unused central processing unit ability to mine coins while they browse the site.

Put your CPU to work by mining

Bitcoin is the world’s most popular and valuable cryptocurrency! With some specialized software, you can utilize your home PC to mine the internet and earn some bitcoins! The software uses your cpu and puts it to work towards finding and acquiring bitcoins!

Putting your CPU or even GPU under strain may provide you with some ‘free’ bitcoins. Note that it is not actually free as you are using your computing power to mine for it and straining your PC slightly. Having so much software to choose from might seem difficult, but if you research well enough, you will probably find the right one!

Finding the software that suits you, you can start working towards making your first bitcoin! Solving hashes towards completing a bitcoin block will ultimately lead to you gaining profit!

Even though this seems incredible and simple. Almost like ‘free money’, note that mining bitcoins takes your PC’s resources and puts them to use and under some strain. With all that said, bitcoin mining is a long term investment and process that is guaranteed to earn you some extra cash!